Come swim with us.

"Intro to TAM" begins July 11 through July 23. 

If you are interested in swimming with TAM, please tell us your name, how to contact you, and a little bit about yourself and your swimming interests and goals.

Swimmer Inquiry Form

We'll be sending details about how to schedule a swim so you can get to know us, and meet Marie and your lane mates before you decide to join.

Check the website for the latest practice times, as these shift throughout the year.



Coach Marie will arrange with you a time to drop in. Before you swim:

1. Sign the TAM COVID Waiver form

2. Bring proof of USMS membership. If you are not currently registered with USMS and are still exploring, start by sign up for the USMS 30-day trial membership.

Drop in fees: $15 ($25 on holidays) payable in cash or check on the pool deck.


Once you and Coach Marie have determined TAM is a fit, please complete the following:

1.  Sign the TAM COVID Waiver Form if you have not already done so.

2. Join USMS. To swim with TAM, USMS registration is required for insurance purposes.  Please select “Pacific” under LMSC and “Tamalpais Aquatic Masters” under Club. The 2022 annual fee is $60.00

3. Or, transfer your current USMS club affiliation to TAM. More information can be found here

4. Complete the TAM New Member Agreement including emergency contacts.

Registration fee: $25

Monthly fees: $75 ($105 per couple) payable by check.