Tamalpais Aquatic Masters Hour Swim Success

The Virtual Hour Swim has always been an important part of our training cycle and our shared team experience. This year’s prize money was simply an added incentive. With a win in the highest percentage of swimmers participating category, and a tie for 3rd in the most swimmer’s category, the team earned $2,500 from Pacific Masters and USMS. Eighty percent, of the team or 64 of 79 members completed the swim.

TAM’s award earnings will be added to our larger fundraising effort to support the construction of the new pool. We were able to capitalize on our Hour Swim winnings with a matching funds campaign last month. A few of our members pledged $10,000 to match contributions from the rest of the team and we have raised over $23,000 from this effort, which we’ll add to almost $200,000 contributed to date.

In addition to helping build the pool, the Hour Swim was a wonderful team bonding experience. Many members who had never competed before had an amazing introduction to training and participating in the event. The old timers who have been entering the Hour Swim since its inception enjoyed the infusion of energy from their teammate’s participation. As a show of solidarity, even Coach Marie swam the Hour. She has made it clear that it was her first and last time. Regrettably, that won’t be the case for the rest of us.

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