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Water works!

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Mike and I were in Knoxville over the weekend of May 21-22, celebrating our daughter's graduation from college, when the water starting flowing from the old pool to the new pool. It was a little sad to miss the excitement back home at MA, but Alejandro and others kept Mike informed with photos and videos.

On Friday, May 20 the plaster was finished. By Friday evening, the firehose was hooked up to the old pool pumps and set up to run down into the new pool. The goal was to partially fill up the new pool before adding water from the old pool -- which took a little longer than planned. By Saturday morning, water was flowing from the old pool. By Sunday, the new pool was full. Here are a few pictures. And a video of the last drops leaving the old pool.

I was sorry to miss the last workout on Friday morning. But it's exciting to look forward to swimming in the new pool. Until then...I'll see you at Terra Linda, Archie Williams, or Bel Marin Keyes!


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